• Aadc -666H single-needle direct drive fully automatic trimming reverse stitch roller car
  • Aadc -666H single-needle direct drive fully automatic trimming reverse stitch roller car

Aadc -666H single-needle direct drive fully automatic trimming reverse stitch roller car

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     This machine adopts automatic reverse stitching, automatic thread trimming and automatic lifting foot design. With LCD display interface with stepper motor synchronous drive. Used in high-end leather shoes such as riding boots, sports shoes, work shoes, casual shoes, sponge shoes, baby shoes, etc.



    Available to set different style stitches.It’s possible to edit the program to stitch some special pattern stitches.

搭配大旋梭可减少更换梭心次数,增加车缝效率。 With the large hook, the number of bobbins can be reduced and the sewing efficiency can be increased.

直驱式马达稳定性高,增加手动倒缝,电磁阀的设计确保控制夹线器聚线动作,使切线效果更佳完善。 The direct drive motor has high stability and increases the manual backtack. The design of the solenoid valve ensures that the wire clamp is controlled to make the thread cutting effect better.

上下滚轮送料及针杆摆动送料均用独立步进电机驱动,编程可实现快慢速、内外弯、厚薄料。爬级缝针距离完全一致可达到密缝不松线等效果。 The upper and lower roller feeding and the needle bar swinging feeding are driven by independent stepping motors, and the programming can realize fast and slow speed, inner and outer bending, thick and thin materials. The distance between the stitches and the stitches is exactly the same, so that the seams are not loosened.

可直接在液晶显示屏操作面设定参数可实现针距大小调整且无需测量针距长度。 The parameter can be set directly on the operating surface of the LCD screen to achieve the stitch size adjustment without measuring the stitch length.

 可任意顺缝、倒缝。任意设定顺缝、倒缝的针数和次数就可达到顺倒缝针距完全同步,重针率100%。  Can be arbitrarily slit and reversed. Arbitrarily set the number of stitches and the number of stitches in the back seam and back stitch to achieve full synchronization of the stitch stitch length, and the weight ratio is 100%.

机器一体机设计,外形美观、操作、维修简单,机器与电控配合更加稳定。 The machine is designed to be beautiful, easy to operate and maintain, and the machine and electronic control are more stable.

直驱式马达稳定性高,不振动、省电。 Direct drive motor has high stability, no vibration, and no electricity

针座小,切线线头仅为2mm,无需2次剪线。 The needle seat is small, the tangential thread head is only 2mm, no need to cut the thread twice

倒缝针目准确封孔,不易破坏皮料,增加美观。 The reverse stitching is accurately sealed, which is not easy to damage the leather and increase the appearance.

车缝海绵,薄类皮料,力保平滑均匀,不起皱,不变形。 Sewn sponge, thin leather material, smooth and uniform, no wrinkles, no deformation.

机头台灯可调节亮度和紫色灯光,操作方便。 The headlights can adjust the brightness and purple light for easy operation.

车头特殊设计,可安装平行或倾斜两用功能。 The front of the car is specially designed to install parallel or tilting functions.

齿轮送及针式轮钱爬坡时仍能保持一定缝目,不会大小针目。Gears and pin-type wheels can still maintain a certain amount of stitching when climbing, not large and small


型号 Model


最高缝速Max.sewing speed


缝合宽度Stitch width


1/8. -1/4(3.175mm-6.35mm)



单排、粗牙Single rowCoarse teeth

使用线Use line


底线:棉线30-60S  Bottom line:Cotton line30-60S


针型Needle type




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