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The working principle of computer roller car

Release time:2020-08-12 source:东莞市飞越机械有限公司

Roller car is a common industrial sewing machine. It adopts electrical integration to realize automatic trimming, automatic presser foot lifting, and automatic reverse stitching. It uses upper and lower rollers and needles to feed synchronously. The cloth feeding system is safe and reliable. The sewing is smooth and the stitches are beautiful. It is suitable for leather sewing materials of various thicknesses and is widely used in clothing enterprises and leather shoe industries.
At present, the roller car on the market usually includes a sewing table and a sewing machine head, a drive controller, and a drive motor. The sewing machine head is fixed on the sewing table, and the sewing machine head is provided with a sewing needle bar and an upper roller. Transmission mechanism. The sewing table is equipped with a sewing worktable, the sewing needle bar and the upper roller are located above the sewing worktable, the sewing worktable is provided with a lower roller at the corresponding position of the upper roller, and a control pedal, a speed regulator, and a drive are arranged under the sewing table. Controller and driving motor. The driving motor is connected to the upper driving mechanism of the sewing machine head by means of belts and driving wheels. The upper roller and the lower roller are connected. When sewing leather, the driving controller controls the rotation of the motor and the sewing needle bar, upper and lower rollers. Cooperate with the movement to complete the delivery and stitching actions.


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