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How to choose sewing machine?

Release time:2020-08-12 source:东莞市飞越机械有限公司

When some low-priced domestic mechatronics products appear, users are easily confused by the immediate price gap when purchasing. Since the mechatronic sewing machine is much more expensive than the traditional mechanical sewing machine, in this process, users can focus on the performance of the mechatronic sewing machine from the following four points.

1. When users buy, no matter which brand of machine, no matter the price difference, the low vibration and low noise processing of the mechatronics sewing machine are one of its characteristics. If the effect is not good, you should give up buy.

2. When purchasing this type of machine, the sewing speed of the machine should not be overemphasized. Although the sewing speed of the mechatronics sewing machine is much faster than that of the traditional sewing machine, the speed requirements are not faster in the process of garment production. The better, this needs to consider the endurance of the fabric and stitches.

3. High degree of automation, labor-saving operation. When testing the machine, the user must debug the automation function of the mechatronics sewing machine to see if it can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as laser or infrared garment piece positioning, automatic stitching, automatic adjustment of sewing thread tension for thick and thin sewing materials, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic needle compensation, man-machine dialogue user programming, automatic sewing process tracking and so on.

4Clean and environmentally friendly performance. Usually in the development process of mechatronics needles, designers have emphasized the cleanness of the machine and non-staining sewing. Through the design of the sewing machine head, no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up lever and rotary hook to achieve cleanliness. Sewing. Therefore, when selecting a machine, the user must repeatedly test the machine to make sure that it will not bring oil stains to the fabric and sewing objects during work.


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