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How to maintain the sewing machine

Release time:2020-08-12 source:东莞市飞越机械有限公司

When turning on the machine at work, first check the main parts, how light and heavy it is when you step on it, whether there is a special sound, whether the needle is normal, etc. If any abnormality is found, it should be repaired in time. After get off work, turn off the power first, insert the needle into the needle hole plate, raise the presser foot, and cover the machine head with a machine cover to prevent dust intrusion. Remove the screws between the needle plate and the feed dog, remove the cloth and dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil. The shuttle bed is the core of the sewing machine work and the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil. Also, the surface of the sewing machine and all parts in the panel should be cleaned frequently before leaving!

The sewing machine should be used continuously to maintain and maintain the machine. Use good sewing machine oil to refuel. When the amount of oil is less than one-sixth, add the oil in time but don't fill it up (adding three-quarters is enough). Add the lubricating oil once every two to three months. After one to two weeks, it should be fully filled. Once the oil is added, the machine should be idle for one rotation time, so that the oil is fully soaked and the excess oil is thrown out, and then wipe the machine head and table top with a clean soft cloth to avoid soiling the sewing material. Then thread the rags, use the movement of the sewing thread to clean them, and throw out the excess oil stains until there are no oil stains on the rags to achieve the effect of lubrication, and then load the goods. After the machine has been used for one or two years, a major repair is required. If a worn part is found, it must be replaced with a new one to make the sewing machine run more stably.


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